DDTMM: Your FHA Mortgage Ally in Fort Lauderdale

DDTMM offers the best rates for FHA loans in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for the first time or needing a change of home scenery, we can turn your own dreams into realities. With years of extensive industry experience, DDTMM is committed to excellence in the following services:

  • Professional loan advisors and specialists that guide you to the right loans including FHA, along with fixed-variable, veteran’s loans, and more.

  • Access to the top-rated lenders with the best rates for all applicants. We handle all paperwork from start to finish while helping you get flexible repayment rates for the loans you need.

  • DDTMM stays abreast of all the latest market trends, fluctuations, and developments which allows us to offer the best loans, at the best rates, to meet all your mortgage, second mortgage, financing, or refinancing needs.

DDTMM is Qualified to Get You the Home Loan You Need

At DDTMM, we offer FHA loans at the best rates for potential and current homeowners. As your seasoned and reputable loan specialists in Fort Lauderdale, we employ highly-dedicated mortgage and loan specialists who are always available to answer your loan borrowing questions and concerns and who oversee the entire loan process, from the initial loan application to matching you with a lender and final approval. We believe in cutting out the clutter and offering clear-cut results for all borrowers, including the right information related to loans, along with the best possible rates and terms. As one of the top mortgage lending companies in the business, we are always just a phone call or e-mail away.

Additionally, if you are looking to refinance your existing loan, we can help you with that as well. Here are some more reasons to consider DDTMM for your FHA loan needs:

  • Highly-dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced mortgage staff team.

  • Full range of loans, including FHA loans and access to the top-rated lenders on the market today.

  • Highly-competitive rates, pricing, and multiple mortgage solutions.

  • NHL has unparalleled customer services and unmatched knowledge of the lending marketplace.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying for an FHA Loan Through DDTMM

FHA loans are essentially private mortgage loans that are backed by the Federal Government. The Federal Housing Administration insures these types of loans and continues to help millions of Americans purchase homes at favorable rates. In fact, the FHA has been in existence since 1934 and is known for offering opportunities not available through traditional lending outlets.

Through this program, lenders can offer to finance to low and moderate-income Americans, who may not qualify for other types of mortgage loans. In the event of a default, the government repays the loan which reduces the risk for lenders to approve FHA loans for qualified borrowers that meet specific criteria. At NHL, we service FHA loans to ensure timely approvals for families and individuals seeking homeownership. If you think you would like to apply for an FHA loan through NHL, here are some of the criteria that we look for before granting approval:

  • Applicants for FHA loans must have a steady employment history (with the same employer for at least two years).

  • Applicants must have a minimum credit score of 580.

  • Your total monthly mortgage payment cannot exceed 31% of your gross income.

  • These loans are only for primary residence purchases, you may not use them to flip homes into rental properties.

At NHL Lending, we can explain the financing, refinancing and mortgaging aspects of FHA and other loan types. We don’t recommend going the DIY route when it comes to buying a home, as mortgage information can be complicated and overwhelming. Instead, visit our website and try our loan calculators or reach out to us to schedule a loan consultation or appointment. At DDTMM, we can help you make an informed decision about the loan(s) you need. For more information, simply contact Dan today or visit us.

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